Climate change is a fact

Orizon provides an innovative service to turn climate change into an oppurtunity to make real medium to long term capital gains. Using our predictive algorithm, starting today, you can benefit from the rise in sea levels and buy real estate properties which will be located on the seafronts of tomorrow.

Orizon provides this unique experience in France and Belgium, and will soon provide the same service in other parts of the world impacted by rising waters.

How does Orizon work?

Orizon uses real data, certified by competent organizations (our data comes from IPCC and NASA) so that we can guarantee the reliability of our projections.

Climate change

Our analysis is based on the 8.5 RCP scenario which comes from the fifth report of the IPCC (2014), this scenario foresees that temperatures will increase by 5 degrees and and that the sea level will rise by about one meter in 2100.

The research notice map

The sea level rise map has been determined using NASA topographical data. We simulate a one meter increase in sea-levels to remap the future shoreline.

The predictive algorithm

The predictive model is based on a supervised learning machine algorithm. This algorithm determines a property price using influencing factors such as the surface area, the number of rooms, the local price per square meter and how far it is from the nearest shoreline. This model can then predict the financial value of real estate properties in the future based on the evolution of the distance from the shoreline.


Orizon allows you
to purchase the
real estate properties
of today that will
become the seafront
homes of tomorrow.

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Simulation rising waters... Nasa provided data

Will it ever come this far?

Can we allow companies to bet on rising sea levels and profit from climate change? Whilst the Orizon company is pure fiction, the cynicism is real. Industrials keep on using fossil fuels without worrying about the impact on climate change.

Shocked? So are we!

As natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and desertification increase, our governments are dragging their feet to carry out the commitments they took at COP21 in Paris, and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.
It's time to boost the movement to protect our planet and safeguard a sustainable future for our children. What do you think?

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